Misleading CUPS error on Ubuntu 12.04

Last week my new work laptop arrived.  It’s a Dell XPS 13 “Developer Edition”, with a custom version of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed.  In time I’ll install Fedora, which is my preferred Linux distribution.  However, I thought I should give the pre-installed version a go, given it’s such a novelty (compared with the usual Windows festooned with various nonsense), and it’s not such a good idea to mess things around too much when you’re travelling.

This week I’m at CERN and need to connect to the local printers. Using the normal printing wizard, I kept receiving a “client-error-not-possible” message.  Most other people with this error solved it by installing smbclient.  However, that’s not relevant here, because the printer connection is via LPD and in any case it was already installed.  In the end, I found that adding the printer via the CUPS web interface worked and after that I could edit the printer settings in the wizard.  A little mysterious, but that’s what you expect from CUPS, I suppose…


One thought on “Misleading CUPS error on Ubuntu 12.04

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