Fedora 20 Alpha on Dell XPS 13 Developer

On Monday I upgraded my laptop to Fedora 20 Alpha. It’s been running fine so far, other than some wireless problems that may well be related to the network rather than the hardware.

The display brightness controls work automatically now, without the need for any workarounds.

I haven’t yet tested Bluetooth.


3 thoughts on “Fedora 20 Alpha on Dell XPS 13 Developer

  1. Maciek Lasyk (@docent_net)

    Hi, thanks for your posts (also previous one about F18 on XPS13).

    I’m looking for a new laptop right now (been using Toshiba Satellite w/Fedora – no hardware issues there). Could you confirm that everything is working just fine right now? Wireless, sound, camera, keyboard backlight etc?

    Many thanks for your response,

    1. Adam Post author


      I’m currently running Fedora 21 on the laptop and all the hardware us working well. I should point out that there have been some revisions to the design since I bought it nearly two years ago. For instance, I bought a replacement machine for someone recently and it has a touchscreen. That is supported, though there are some quirks with that support, primarily caused by the desktop environment (in this case, KDE has strange handling of the scaling when an external monitor is connected).


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