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Vidyo and Skype audio on Fedora 20

Just a quick note that the fix mentioned here for Skype, when using Pulseaudio 4, is also needed for Vidyo. With Skype, the symptom I found was that as soon as it emitted any sound, a horrible continuous buzzing started. With Vidyo, I couldn’t hear any other participants in conference calls (it’s used a lot by CERN and the LHC experiments). With the fix, it worked as normal.

The permanent fix is to edit the .desktop file so that the environment variable is set correctly at login. The file is:


and change the line

Exec=VidyoDesktop -AutoStart

to read

Exec=env PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=60 VidyoDesktop -AutoStart

As noted in this Bugzilla report, you may also need to apply a similar change to